Is a command line interface written in ruby that makes development easy in Phoenix Framework


You can get it on gem installer.

gem install phoenix-cli


Just type the commands in your terminal in the same directory as your Phoenix project

Command List

Command Description Phoenix equivalent
install Install Phoenix Framework -
new APP_PATH Create new Phoenix application mix phoenix.new
deps Install the Phoenix dependencies mix deps.get
server Start the web server mix phoenix.server
console Start Phoenix console iex -S mix
routes Show Phoenix routes mix phoenix.routes
version Get current CLI version -

Run phoenix for more options

Generators List

You can use generators with the following syntax

phoenix generate GENERATOR_NAME
Command Description Phoenix equivalent
scaffold Generate Full set of model, view, database migration for that model, controller mix phoenix.gen.html
api Generate Full model, view in json, database migration for that model, controller mix phoenix.gen.json
json Alias for api command mix phoenix.gen.json
model Generates an Ecto model in your Phoenix application. mix phoenix.gen.model
channel Generates a Phoenix channel mix phoenix.gen.channel
presence Generates a Presence tracker for your application mix phoenix.gen.presence
secret Generates a secret and print it to the terminal mix phoenix.gen.secret

Database Commands

Command Description Phoenix equivalent
db:create Create database mix ecto.create
db:migrate Run database migrations mix ecto.migrate
db:drop Drop database mix deps.drop
db:dump Dumps the current environment’s database mix ecto.dump